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Monthly Business Meeting

Residents are encouraged to attend!

Held Virtually on the
3rd Wednesday of each month at 6pm

To attend virtually click on this link >> << from your phone, computer, or tablet. Meetings are open to the public.

Please help spread the word to your neighbors!


There are more than 600 miles of roads in rural Deschutes County Oregon that are dedicated to the public (the general public has the right to drive on them) but are not maintained by any government jurisdiction. These roads, known as "local access roads," are the maintenance responsibility of the abutting property owners. Unfortunately, the County's limited resources do not provide adequate funding to improve or maintain these local access roads, so it's up to local property owners or Special Road Districts to maintain or improve local access roads.  


The Bend Cascade View Estates Tract 2 Special Road District, located near Alfalfa Oregon, was established as a Special Road District on May 7th, 1986 by residents within the District and is one of twenty-three Special Road Districts in Oregon. The approximately 12 miles of roads within the District are privately maintained.  Funding for the maintenance of roads within the Bend Cascade View Estate Tract 2 Special Road District comes through the Deschutes County property tax system as a special property tax levy on all taxable real property within the District.   


Our Special Road District is staffed by residents of the District who volunteer their time and knowledge to help maintain the roads within our District. 


Bend Cascade View Estates Tract 2
Special Road District

PO Box 8451
Bend OR 97708

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Image by Melinda Gimpel
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